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Making a Difference: Delta Capital's Commitment to Our Community

At Delta Capital Property Investment, we believe in giving back to the communities where we work and live. That's why charitable work is a core part of our values. We partner with two incredible organisations in the North East of England: St.Oswald's Hospice and Newcastle Cat & Dog Shelter.

  • St. Oswald's Hospice: This local charity provides exceptional, specialized care for adults and children facing life-limiting illnesses. They strive to ensure quality time for patients and their families. Delta Capital assists St.Oswald's with strategic property acquisitions across the region, helping them find cost-effective solutions for their growing needs.

  • Newcastle Cat & Dog Shelter: Founded in 1896, this vital organisation offers a safe haven for lost, unwanted, neglected, abused, and abandoned animals. Their mission is to promote kindness to animals, prevent cruelty, reunite lost pets with their owners, and find loving forever homes. Delta Capital uses our expertise to help the shelter find strategically located sites, aiming to improve the volume and quality of donations they receive, and secure new retail locations to boost sales and support their mission.

Our work with St. Oswald's and Newcastle Cat & Dog Shelter is more than just business – it's a source of immense pride for the Delta Capital team. We're committed to using our skills and resources to empower these essential organisations and make a positive impact on the lives they touch.

Want to learn more about St. Oswald's Hospice and Newcastle Cat & Dog Shelter? We encourage you to visit their websites and consider supporting their incredible work!


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