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Dedicated to growing your investment portfolio

At Delta Capital Property Investment we are dedicated to growing your investment portfolio through strategic and tailored solutions.

Newcastle Property

With a deep understanding of the property investment landscape we aim to maximise the value of your investments.


Whether you're a seasoned property investors, or just starting out, we offer comprehensive services that encompasses acquisitions, asset enhancement and strategic disposal.

Find out how we can help you acquire your next investment opportunity

A fresh approach to the property industry

We understand the landscape of property investment is constantly evolving and we embrace the opportunities presented by change.

By embracing a collaborative and transparent approach, we build long-lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring that their goals and objectives are at the heart of everything we do.

We understand that entrusting your investment to a partner requires confidence and peace of mind. With an excellent track record of delivering successful outcomes and building long-term relationships, we are committed to earning and maintaining trust.

Explore our services

We are constantly reviewing and reporting on new sales instructions. Visit our Sales page to see all of our live sales instructions. Please contact us directly about our off-market sales instructions too.

Empty Factory
For Sale

Explore our collection of live investment opportunities across the North of England, as well as what's coming to the market soon.

Technicians at Work

We're always searching for new investments. Find out what investment requirements we currently are looking for in the North of England.

Office Building

Discover our recent transactions and success stories, from off market deals to recently completed investment acquisitions in the North.

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